"Can you smell that? It's a tailgate party. God, I love it so!" General George S. Patton, Jr.

Getting There:


We arrive 3-1/2 hours before kickoff. Our Honda minivan with an American flag will be near the center of the lot, near one of the yellow cement partitions.


Before leaving for the game, you will need a $30 permit to park in the stadium lots, or you can park in the hinterlands and take a shuttle.


For mass transit, take the NJ Transit train from Penn Station and transfer at Secaucus. Check the schedule for times. Use the automated ticket machine to buy a round trip Meadowlands ticket.


Once disembarked, ask security for directions for walking to Parking Lot M near the race  track.


Visit here for driving directions. Or, follow these directions:


  1. From Route 17, exit onto Patterson Plank Road for the Sports Complex. Take the indicated right into MetLife Stadium.
  2. Once in, If you have a parking permit, take the first left into the first lot, Parking Lot M, near the race track .

Dr. Jim's Tailgate Tips :


  1. Read Giants' Fan Guide.
  2. Beer must be cold and can't be obtained on Sundays.
  3. Arrive early. Traffic jumps exponentially as kickoff approaches.
  4. Bring warm clothing, gloves and a blanket. Dress in layers. It gets colder and windier as the game progresses.
  5. Umbrellas are prohibited. Ponchos and rain coats help, but rain pants or garbage bags are needed for your legs during a wet game. We've been drenched while tailgating, so bring extra clothing and socks.
  6. Inform all parties of your cell phone number.

Cell Phones: Dr. Jim 914.393.4090,  Ms. Mary 845.825.0958